What Is The Resolve Initiative

The Resolve initiative is a nonpartisan write-in campaign that is gaining traction extremely quickly.

The point of this innovative idea is to assemble voters for a massively orchestrated write-in campaign as we all work together to create an ideal lineup of candidates for the 2024 election cycle, from the Governor, to the Executive Council, to the Senate, and even the County Sheriffs.

Leveraging off all the existing resources but uniquely outside the current campaign framework lending itself to an increased inventory of great legislators versus bought out politicians. It’s a very simple tactic as long as We The People remain undivided.

Sound too good to be true? Only for the weak minded that have no vision. It’s time to try something different, something that’s never been done before. This strategy works well with all the traditional approaches, and it will not split the vote or cause fallout.

This initiative demands all hands on deck. This will work, and it will send a very loud message to the establishment politicians and put us, “We The People”, back in the driver’s seat.

We know what the problem is and YOU are the solution! Together, we can win this fight!

The Resolve Initiative

Please share this to anyone in your sphere of influence who is as concerned about the cavalier attitudes of our elected servants. If you’re interested in making history and protecting NH from the global agenda of the “New World Order”… contact us. Get involved. We need you now more than ever.

How do I participate?

  • We request that you provide your name town phone and email address. All will be kept on secure private servers and will not be shared. Security concerns with giving info we understand and encourage you to please talk to us and we can work to find a way for you to participate and feel secure.
  • We will keep you informed via email website and many town hall zoom calls to discuss candidate choices.
  • We may include you in a poll when we have two equally qualified liberty minded option running for a position

How will we know who we are voting for and that the are truly about representing us?

We have a powerhouse of a team of knowledgeable liberty group leaders who have all joined together on this effort determined to have the dream ticket in the end. We have divided up the elected such as the senate, congress, house reps, executive council, sheriffs, and governor candidates and actively vetting and recruiting the best of the best possible candidates. We will also have weekly calls open to all to discuss the candidate choices and updates on recruiting.

“WE are First in the Nation, let’s do something that radically changes the outcome in politics!”

Will this really make a difference?

In New Hampshire, 30k ballots can make a material difference in a state election. Did you know it cost well over $800K to run for governor and likely still not make it past the primary. This reality makes it nearly impossible for many to run who do have the right qualities and integrity to legislate and govern. This was not what our founding fathers intended. WE believe if every person who signs up to participate commits to finding 10 new people every month until September, we will have over 100k ballots. WE will determine who represents us our votes are not for sale.

Do you think the establishment politicians are working for you or an agenda of their own?

WE unite and assemble and perform a massive orchestrated write in ballot liberty minded ticket come November.

We will give the right people a real chance to represent us.

We believe both parties have become sold out to their own agendas and are no longer working for the people who elected them.

The below bumper sticker is available for $1.00 to those who participate in this initiative. Proceeds go to a NH disabled vet who designed them.

Send postage paid envelope with payment to: 7337 Oak Hill Rd Loudon, NH 03307