Main Issues

We The people Nh Main Issues

Constitutional Rights are simply being violated.

Whether it be vaccine mandates, medical and religious exemptions, masking of children, right to try, informed consent and even participating in the political process.

We are seeing Government overreach on businesses causing many to shut their doors. Voter integrity is also undermining the entire foundation of our country.

Reality is no one is following the law. We are living in a sea of Tyranny.

We The people Nh Main Solutions

We have so many Liberty groups with numerous ideas on how to combat the war we find ourselves in. However, we continue to see our rights slip away.

Why are none of our solutions working? We believe it boils down to the reality that most of the population is overworked, tired, emotionally fatigued and limited on time to figure out what to do. They are angry. They know they need to get in the fight for freedom but they just do not know where to begin. Many have shut down and are no longer watching the news or  even engaged in social media. Yet the silent majority IS the majority.

Only WE the People can turn this ship around. Recognizing the troops are tired and overworked, those of us who have capacity need to provide clear tangible purposeful tasks that can be quickly completed by those who do not have capacity. That is the goal of this website. To make it simple and easy for everyone to join in on this FIGHT for FREEDOM.