The Resolve Initiative is a collaborative effort to truly know the candidates and who will fight for our constitutional liberties and not bend to the global agenda as we have seen from all of the top 30 individuals over the last 2 years.

Our votes can no longer be bought by establishment politicians who get our attention simply with name recognition and orchestrated campaign speeches. We must vet out their actions and be very discerning as to their motivations for running.

A few of the positions we already have only one principled individual running who has declared and we have inserted those names, others we will be able to announce if the incumbent candidate chooses not to participate in the debates. We will continue to update the below information as we grow closer to the state wide primaries on 9/13/3022


Karen Testerman

Executive Council

Dist 1: TBD
Dist 2: Harold French
Dist 3: Regina Barnes
Dist 4: Terese Grinnell
Dist 5: Anne Copp

  • Dist: 1 Gary Whitehill
  • Dist 2: Dave DeVoy
  • Dist 3: Nancy Cunning
  • Dist 4: Seamus Casey
  • Dist 5: John McIntyre
  • Dist 6: TBD
  • Dist 7: Thomas Dunne
  • Dist 8: TBD
  • Dist 9: Ed LaPlante
  • Dist 10: Ian Freeman
  • Dist 11: Gary Daniels
  • Dist 12: Kevin Avard
  • Dist 13: Stephen Scaer
  • Dist 14: TBD
  • Dist 15: Linda Rae Banfill
  • Dist 16: Michael Yakubovich
  • Dist 17: Terry Roy
  • Dist 18: Ross Terrio
  • Dist 19: TBD
  • Dist 20: Richard Girard
  • Dist 21: TBD
  • Dist 22: Peter Torosian
  • Dist 23: Dan O'Shea
  • Dist 24: Lou Gargiulo
Please download the PDF of the Vetted State Reps