14 Nov

BCRC November Meeting – Resolution

BCRC November Meeting – Resolution: Investigation into the October Executive Council Arrests, Therese Grinnell

Wednesday was the November meeting of the Belknap County Republican Committee held at the Gilford Public Library. There were the normal “reports” (not recorded),

The Belknap County Republican Committee, under its new Leadership / Executive Committee, has become much more politically activist. No longer a “go along, get along” and just minding its own business (as under the previous long term and moribund administration), it has realized it is a political entity to get things DONE that is of importance to its membership.

Imagine that! Representing its constituency instead of assuming that it is the end all be all!

Wednesday night was something that I had never seen done in the years I’ve known about the BCRC – taking an activist bent on passing Resolutions that speak to relevant issues of the day regardless of what the “higher-ups” would think.

This is about the second Resolution – that concerning the arrests during the NH Executive Council meeting when it was debating whether or not to accept Federal money (with anti-sovereignty “strings attached”) was debated – Resolution: Investigation into the October Executive Council Arrests, Therese Grinnell.


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11 Nov



In order to properly frame the information provided in this article, it is important to fully comprehend what has transpired up until this point in time, beginning with October 13th and including November 1st.

The following three articles (including all of the embedded links and videos) should be read and viewed to understand the egregious actions of Governor Sununu before continuing with the rest of this article. These three articles will set the foundation for why calls are being made (including many State Reps) that Governor Sununu’s actions should be investigated:

Sununu’s POLICE STATE: Recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance “Will Not Be Tolerated!”
CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Did NH Gov. Sununu Coordinate and Trigger Unfounded “POLICE STATE” Arrests?
Governor Sununu abused his power on October 13, 2021 when nine Americans were arrested for no apparent reason at his Executive Council meeting. I believe this was an express violation of the NH State Constitution Article 15:

“No subject shall be held to answer for any crime, or offense, until the same is fully and plainly, substantially and formally, described to him; or be compelled to accuse or furnish evidence against himself.”
As well as Article 32:
“The People have a right, in an orderly and peaceable manner, to assemble and consult upon the common good, give instructions to their Representatives, and to request of the legislative body, by way of petition or remonstrance, redress of the wrongs done them, and of the grievances they suffer.

Eighty State Troopers were present in the room to enforce this egregious act with 150 attendees present.

Sununu abused his power again during a closed door House Republican Caucus meeting with over 100 Republican State Reps on November 1, 2021. He demanded those Reps cover up his role in the 10/13 debacle.

Caucuses are restricted to party members (Republican/Democrat) and are held behind closed doors to form and unify party strategies.

It was inappropriate for Governor Sununu to attend that meeting with the goal to win support for a coverup of his egregious actions on October 13th.

Those are not the actions of a transparent, rational, responsible governor who took an oath to uphold and defend our Constitution. Based on what took place regarding the arrests, and during the Republican Caucus, I believe Sununu should be investigated to determine if he is still qualified to hold the State’s highest office. No one is above the law, and many questions need to be answered.

Note: This story was cross posted from the Government Integrity Project.

Multiple videos of the troubling 10/13/21 arrests can be viewed in this article, “Why is NH Governor Sununu NOT UNDER INVESTIGATION?” Those videos must be seen in order to fully comprehend the heavy burden/obligation the NH House has on it’s shoulders.

That article and embedded videos raise deeply disturbing questions and concerns. Those concerns were escalated exponentially, when Sununu made his secret demands to Republican legislators to ignore his actions.

When some State Reps challenged him, Sununu’s response resulted in attempts to embarrass, humiliate and demonize them in front of their peers. There is a saying that applies here… people who don’t have facts on their side use name calling and humiliation to embarrass and discredit their opponents – in an effort to shift the focus away from themselves.

Unfortunately, it is a deceitful and very successful tactic that is used everyday – but more and more, people are waking up and think for themselves to form their own conclusions based on facts and not smears, emotion and/or intimidation.

In addition, many state legislators now see Governor Sununu’s actions for what they are… an attempted cover up. They understand Sununu is putting himself and political survival over the Liberties of those who appear to have been illegally arrested. Sununu’s actions highlight why many Republican Legislators believe an investigation “is necessary”, and why many are furious about what has taken place.

At best, Sununu’s actions are a violation of trust, and may very well be impeachable offenses, because Sununu pressured House Reps to suppress an investigation those same House Reps are Constitutionally obligated to initiate:

Part II. Article 17. [House to Impeach Before the Senate.] states:

“The house of representatives shall be the grand inquest of the state; and all impeachments made by them, shall be heard and tried by the senate.”
Part II. Article 38. [Senate to Try Impeachments; Mode of Proceeding.] states in part:
“The senate shall be a court, with full power and authority to hear, try, and determine, all impeachments made by the house of representatives against any officer or officers of the state, for bribery, corruption, malpractice or maladministration, in office;…”
Speaker of the House Sherman Packard and Senate President Chuck Morse are the gatekeepers of our Constitutional checks and balances along with their respective legislative bodies. It is their moral and Constitutional obligation to protect and defend the Rights of all NH citizens. They have been entrusted with these obligations that are the bedrock of our Republic.

Even though this is an extremely challenging situation, they must not shirk their responsibilities. At the very least, there should be a public investigation!

If you watched the videos in the linked articles above, then you should also be deeply troubled. NH deserves answers regarding what took place on October 13th – as well as during the closed door caucus on November 1st. Governor Sununu knows the answers we seek to many disturbing questions that he dodges and deflects with name calling and belittling. That leads us to the obvious question: “If the Governor wants our state legislators to remain silent, then what is he hiding?”

Pressuring Republican House Reps to ignore his actions crossed the line, because it has the appearance to be an act of coercion – and therefore a form of tampering with those who would oversee his investigation. That is unconscionable – and it is unacceptable.

We the People deserve answers, especially those who were arrested for no apparent reason.

by Ken Eyring
I’m a Constitutional Conservative, proud of our country and the founding documents our Constitutional Republic is based on. I believe in self reliance and personal responsibility. I’m passionate about Parental Rights and properly educating our children, who will someday become our country’s leaders.

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03 Nov

Nurses, Others Protest Vaccine Mandates

Nurses, Others Protest Vaccine Mandates In Concord: Watch

Medical workers, their supporters are holding protests outside hospitals to raise awareness about potential lost jobs, health care freedom.

CONCORD, NH — Nurses, hospital workers, and their supporters have been outside of Concord’s medical complex during the past few weeks protesting vaccine mandates issued by both hospital administrators and now, the Biden Administration.

The protests have been organized by Terese Grinnell, a nurse who cornered Republican legislators on Tuesday at the Statehouse during a press conference that turned into a rally, about the loss of thousands of jobs due to nurses and other employees being forced to take a vaccination they do not trust. The protests have been held on Monday and Wednesday around lunchtime and Fridays in the late afternoon. The Friday protests have been better attended than the others, she noted.

Grinnell, who formerly worked at both Concord Hospital, Dartmouth Hitchcock, and in in-home health care, has worked in the medical field for more than a decade. Most recently, she worked with a number of patients who had severe adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines.

“I have actually seen patients with the clotting … I have seen patients with the strokes,” she said.

Grinnell said the forced vaccinations were unconstitutional and not proven effective in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, especially the new, highly contagious variants. She pointed to a recent outbreak at Franklin Regional Hospital, a Concord Hospital property, where nurses who were all vaccinated caught COVID-19.

Pamela Puleo, the chief advancement officer at Concord Hospital, confirmed seven employees were COVID-19 positive at Franklin Regional Hospital, including two nurses.

“This is not considered an outbreak,” she said. “We are monitoring as we have since the beginning of the pandemic and following all state guidelines.”

More than 5,700 health care workers in New Hampshire have caught the virus while only 86 were hospitalized and there were 10 deaths during the past 19 months of the pandemic, according to state data. Those health care workers should be immune and have better antibodies than the vaccine gives them, making the mandate unneeded for them. Grinnell said she had not caught the virus despite not being vaccinated and being around contagious patients. She said health care workers were smart and take precautions to protect both themselves and patients including extensive and thorough use of personal protection equipment.

“I understand people are scared,” Grinnell said. “I understand people want COVID to be over. But just because you’re scared of COVID, does not, rationally, give you the ability to force someone to do something that is scary to them.”

Grinnell has been in touch with a number of nurses and medical employees around the state. The response has been positive from both drivers and others during the protests, she said. The fear, Grinnell added, was hospitals, many of which are already understaffed in New Hampshire, will be placed in worse conditions due to the mandate.

At Concord Hospital, she said, more than 900 employees were slated to be fired in late October.

The hospital did not respond to a request to confirm the number of employees who might be fired in October.

While at the Pleasant Street and Langley Parkway protest for 45 minutes on Wednesday, at least a half dozen workers were seen joining the protesters during their lunch hours. While pigeonholed as all being Trump supporters or Republicans, attendees appeared to be a mix politically.

People honking their horns were also a mix of New Hampshire’s citizenry — at least two ambulance drivers activated their sirens and horns as they drove by. Truckers did, too. A number of drivers waved while some were seen scolding the protesters, too. Several women in Subarus and Priuses, a couple with liberal bumper stickers adorning the backs of their vehicles, also raised fists out their car windows and honked their horns in solidarity.

“My hope in being out here is there would be enough pushback,” Grinnell said, “from people and even the medical facility administrators and government entities to say ‘no’ (to the firings and forced vaccinations).”

Got a news tip? Send it to View videos on Tony Schinella’s channel or channel.

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25 Oct

Sununu’s Police State Unleashes His Thugs

October 25, 2021

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has declared war on conservatives and constitutionalists. His recent behavior shows Sununu is an establishment RINO bent on persecuting—and humiliating—anyone who stands in his way.

On Oct. 13, at a state Executive Council meeting, the New Hampshire governor clashed with fellow Republicans. Sununu wanted the GOP-dominated council to approve $27 million in federal funding to deal with Covid-19. The council has the authority to veto any contracts sought by the governor that are worth more than $10,000. Sununu urged the council to green light two federal contracts totaling $27 million, arguing the funding was necessary to expand vaccine outreach and boost the state’s immunization efforts against the coronavirus.

During the debate, however, Sununu revealed himself to be not only a puerile buffoon, but a political thug. When Republicans rightly demanded that he follow other GOP governors, such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Texas’ Greg Abbott, and oppose Joe Biden’s draconian federal vaccine mandate, Sununu balked.

“I appreciate you have reservations, but they’re based on fantasy,” he said.

Sununu then explained that having the state government tell a flower shop owner that he is unable to fire someone because they are unvaccinated is not just government overreach. It is an unacceptable restriction and assault on the private sector.

“You can’t say the Biden administration is forcing a mandate here, and we have to stop it, but the state government should institute a mandate here and force it to stop the way we want it,” he said. “That isn’t even socialism; that actually is pure communism.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, communism—sorry, “pure communism”—would result in the state nationalizing and owning the flower shop (communism champions government ownership of the means of production and seeks to abolish all private property). Moreover, according to Sununu, DeSantis and Abbott are now Soviet-style Marxists simply for opposing Biden’s vaccine mandate? It is pathetic.

No one can wrap surrender in high principle better than cowardly elitist RINOs. They are Vichy Republicans.

Republican councilors were correct in opposing Sununu’s funding request. First, the money came with federal strings attached, directly undermining New Hampshire’s sovereignty. In particular, as many opponents pointed out, one of those strings is that New Hampshire would have to comply with a quarantine order should it be issued by the Biden regime. That’s right: In theory, under the funding arrangement if Biden administration officials decided to establish quarantine or detention camps for unvaccinated New Hampshire citizens, then the state would be required to submit. For example, this is exactly what’s happening in Australia (and to a lesser extent, Canada and New Zealand), where unvaccinated individuals who test positive for Covid-19 are placed in quarantine camps—the modern-day equivalent of internment camps. Sununu should be ashamed of himself for cavalierly dismissing these valid, legitimate concerns.

Second, Biden’s national vaccine mandate is a frontal assault on medical freedom and personal choice. The mandate is illegal, unconstitutional and dictatorial; it seeks to erect a system of medical apartheid and segregation. It forces health care workers—including doctors, nurses, paramedics, administrators, and first responders—to take the vaccine. Moreover, it compels private sector employers, who have more than 100 employees, to mandate the vaccine for everyone in the workforce. This will impact over 80 million workers (myself included).

Hence, countless Americans are faced with this harrowing choice: the jab or your job. According to Biden’s draconian mandate, one’s vaccination status determines whether one can earn a living, feed their family or keep their job. It is government-sanctioned persecution and discrimination against the unvaccinated. It is medical tyranny—pure and simple.

This is why DeSantis and Abbott (and other Republican governors) refuse to enforce Biden’s mandate, declaring it authoritarian and an egregious violation of basic rights and liberties. It strikes at the very heart of human freedom: autonomy over one’s body. Biden’s mandate is declaring that the all-powerful federal Leviathan can force citizens to inject an experimental medication into their arms or else lose their right to earn a living, go to school and engage in mainstream society. It turns the unvaccinated into social pariahs and lepers—third-class citizens, who are stripped of their civil rights and constitutional freedoms.

It’s no wonder the council voted 4-1 to reject the funding. The sole Democrat on the council supported Sununu’s request, which should tell you everything you need to know.

Yet, even worse than Sununu’s feckless betrayal of his voters and GOP principles, was his thuggish behavior at the meeting. The council meeting was packed with attendees, including an overflow crowd outside. Many were previous protestors, who for weeks prior had been holding signs, participating in rallies and were loud, outspoken opponents of Biden’s vaccine mandate and Sununu’s demand for federal funding. This time, however, the protestors were silent. For over an hour, they sat, watched, listened, while some held signs, but no one said anything disruptive or did anything to interfere with the council meeting. In fact, the attendees were practically silent. The only “protest” they engaged in was when Sununu spoke some of them stood up and silently turned their backs on him. That’s it. No yelling, screaming, shouting, chanting or physical displays of intimidation or potential violence of any kind. The video of the event doesn’t lie.

It didn’t matter. Angered and humiliated at having been defeated, Sununu ordered over 20 state troopers to begin patrolling the room. There were dozens more outside the council meeting. And then—one by one—his Gestapo thugs began to arrest and escort out of the meeting silent, peaceful attendees. One was a 70-year-old woman, who held a sign. She had done nothing, except quietly sit and listen throughout the entire meeting. Another was a mother holding her 4-year-old son. Then it was a nurse, who was sitting silently and holding her hands in prayer as she listened to the debate. Their real crime: They were known protestors who, for several weeks, had publicly dared to challenge and speak out against Sununu’s pro-funding, pro-mandate agenda. Sununu engaged in naked political retribution and revenge. In total, nine individuals were arrested on bogus, trumped up charges of disorderly conduct.

Moreover, on video, Sununu can be seen texting furiously as the arrests were slowly being made, as well as nodding his head and moving his eyes to obviously signal to the state troopers which people he wanted arrested and thrown out of the room. In short, he unleashed his goons to arbitrarily arrest and punish his critics. This was the act of a wannabe dictator, who is slowly turning New Hampshire into a police state. The law enforcement officers who participated in the arrests should be ashamed of themselves. They were aiding and abetting Sununu’s lawless, criminal behavior. Hopefully, some of them—and it only takes one—will speak out and blow the whistle on Sununu.

Ultimately, there needs to be a full investigation into Sununu’s blatant abuse of power and assault on the civil rights of these nine arrested protestors. Sununu thinks he will be challenging Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan in 2022. I have news for him: You can’t win the Republican nomination—never mind the general election—by declaring war on your conservative base. And that’s precisely what he’s done. His latest actions show that Sununu not only has no business calling himself a Republican. But he needs to be kicked out of the governor’s office. And the entire corrupt, inept Sununu political dynasty should be swept into the dustbin of history.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6:00-10:00 am EST. He can be reached at:

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14 Oct

Sununu’s POLICE STATE: Recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance

Sununu’s POLICE STATE: Recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance “Will Not Be Tolerated!”

The NH Executive Council met in Concord, NH, on 10/13/21. Governor Sununu led with an iron fist. With brutal force, he turned the Executive Council meeting into a zero-tolerance police state – literally.

Look closely at the picture. At least 32 law enforcement officers in the room were there to surround and intimidate the peaceful, patriotic Americans in attendance. It was a calculated and overwhelming show of force that was a precursor of what was to come.

From the very beginning, there was no mistaking Sununu’s tyrannical message, as can be seen in citizen journalist Chau Kelley’s video below.

He threatened the packed room of citizens immediately after they proudly recited the Pledge of Allegiance (that Sununu led) by saying, “That type of disruption is not going to be tolerated.” His comment was disgraceful.


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14 Oct


CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Did NH Gov. Sununu Coordinate and Trigger Unfounded “POLICE STATE” Arrests?

It appears that Governor Sununu pre-planned and colluded with others to arrest activists at the Executive Council meeting on 10/13/21. If so, it would be a disturbing chain of events that has led NH further away from our Constitutional Republic and closer to a totalitarian state like Communist China.

After listening to the Governor’s ominous warning to the attendees after he led them in the pledge of allegiance, I believe that NH has a critical leadership problem.

Related: Sununu’s POLICE STATE: Recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance “Will Not Be Tolerated!”

Perhaps Sununu’s goal was to incite an “insurrection” by patriotic Americans? Or maybe he just wanted to make an example of Frank Staples, the person who was excessively passionate AFTER the previous Executive Council meeting ended and the Governor had left.

Either way, Governor Sununu’s actions are disturbing.

Watch this entire 10-minute excerpt video from yesterday’s Executive Councilor meeting and take special notice of Sununu’s actions that were captured on camera leading up to the UNWARRANTED ARRESTS.

There is a disturbing appearance that the Governor is communicating to individuals located in multiple areas of the room, and coordinating the removal and arrest of Frank Staples while Chairing the Executive Council meeting:

0:37 – Sununu looks around then gives a subtle nod to his right
1:35 – Sununu looks to his right again, and seconds later shakes his head “no”
1:45 – While looking to his right his cell phone goes off. He looks at the message, looks up to his right again with a puzzled look then reads the message more closely
2:01 – Sununu appears to be responding to the text message. At the point he stops typing, he looks up in the same direction to his right. He then continues to vehemently text on his cell phone and when done typing – sneaks another look to his right
2:34 – Sununu looks to his left and then quickly to his right with a puzzled look followed by a nod. Clearly something was being coordinated
2:58 – Sununu continues to look around the room instead of at Councilor Gatsas who is talking
3:02 – Sununu looks quickly to his left and gives another nod, then looks slightly right and gives another nod. He continued to scope out the room, rather than look at and listen to speaker at the podium.
3:15 -Sununu fixates his glance to his right again, and tilts his head as if he is trying to look around someone who is in the way
3:24 – Sununu quickly looks to his left and then back to his right
3:29 – Sununu quickly shakes his head “no” again then looks back to his left
3:44 – The camera pans the crowd who is standing with their backs to the Governor and Councilors. Clearly everyone in the crowd is quiet AND peaceful
4:17 – Sununu continues to look around the room from his left to right, then picks up his phone, begins to text, then upon completion looks right again
4:40 – The camera shows one state trooper whispering to another state trooper in the back of the room
5:30 -Looking to his right, Sununu gives two subtle nods then turns to his left and gives another subtle nod. He gives two more subtle nods to his left over the next 15 seconds
5:55 – (UPDATED) State troopers move into place and remove quiet and peaceful attendees (believed to be Frank Staples and Terese Grinnell) who offer no verbal or physical resistance. It is important to note that Staples is the same person who passionately spoke up AFTER the last Executive Councilor meeting.


That person running the Executive Council meeting is our governor. His actions raise serious questions. I’ve been told that there are additional videos that validate concerns that what took place yesterday should concern all of us.

I believe what took place yesterday is dangerously close to what would be expected to be commonplace in Communist China.

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19 Aug

Healthcare Workers Deserve Rights on Health Decisions

Before mandating vaccine, healthcare employers consider whether they can afford to lose staff

Monitor staff
Published: 8/19/2021 3:49:50 PM

With an American flag in one hand and a fuchsia sign in the other, Terese Grinnell stood in front of Concord Hospital for hours to protest impending COVID-19 vaccine mandates for healthcare workers.

After Dartmouth-Hitchcock announced they would require the vaccine for staff in early August, it seemed inevitable that smaller healthcare employers would soon follow suit. For Grinnell, a nurse in the Concord area who declined to say where she was employed, that requirement would be a deal-breaker.

“Healthcare workers deserve rights on health decisions… JUST LIKE our patients and families,” her sign read.

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11 Nov

Freedom Fest Every Saturday At The Capitol

Local event every Saturday from 10-11am at the NH State House.


  • Vaccine Mandates
  • Mask Mandates
  • Illegal Arrests
  • Election Fraud
  • School Board Injustice
  • Social Media Blackout

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19 Oct

Dictator Sununu & Millions In Disturbing Contracts

By Kelley Potenza for The Liberty Block

It appears that Dictator Sununu is looking to spend over $10 million dollars of your money to negate your freedoms!

Over the last few days, you may have heard a lot about the $27 million dollars federal DHHS COVID grant, and then the all-out intimidation, threats, and assault on NH House Rep. Ken Weyler. Did Sununu create a smokescreen for another all-out attack on our freedoms?

We believe there are 10+ million reasons why Sununu is implementing a Salesforce takeover running through the Department of Administrative Services. We are now witnessing the destruction of the Live Free or Die state.

On October 13, 2021, Governor Christopher T. Sununu during the Executive Council meeting is going to force-feed over 10 MILLION of our money to 10 different companies to implement Salesforce throughout the state. Each of these contracts includes an option to EXTEND the contracts 2 times. Does this mean $30 million in taxpayer-funded dollars could be given to private companies by Sununu over four years, largely for the enforcement of corona-fascism? These questions need to be asked and answered!

After the preliminary research of these 10 Salesforce developers, it looks as if they could be used to implement a CRM statewide system to track, trace, and digitalize every inhabitant of NH. A senior-level employee of Salesforce said the majority of their current development (sales) is focused around implementing COVID-type solutions for customers.

Is Dictator Sununu looking to implement these “COVID-type solutions” in your everyday life? Things like… I’m sorry but we can’t treat your illness because you aren’t vaccinated? Please show your vaccine passport for admission to the concert? Please show your digital ID to renew your car registration? We only accept digital currency here? Please show me your barcode? Every day in NH we are facing an unprecedented trampling of our right to live freely from government intrusion and medical tyranny in our lives – which was supposedly prevented by our recent constitutional amendment.


The list below is taken directly from the ‘Governor and Executive Consent Council Agenda from September 29, 2021’ (the meeting was canceled) so this will be pushed to the October 13, 2021 meeting.

NH-SOS – September 29, 2021

#94      Authorize to enter into a contract with Brite Systems Inc., Indianapolis, IN, for an aggregate price limitation of $10,000,000 among all awarded vendors, for Salesforce Professional Services.  Effective upon G&C approval through December 31, 2023, with the option to extend for 2 additional one-year extension terms.

#95      Authorize to enter into a contract with Tech Mahindra Americas Inc., Plano, TX, for an aggregate price limitation of $10,000,000 among all awarded vendors, for Salesforce Professional Services.  Effective upon G&C approval through December 31, 2023, with the option to extend for 2 additional one-year extension terms.

#96      Authorize to enter into a contract with Deloitte Consulting LLP, Concord, NH, for an aggregate price limitation of $10,000,000 among all awarded vendors, for Salesforce Professional Services.  Effective upon G&C approval through December 31, 2023, with the option to extend for 2 additional one-year extension terms.

#97      Authorize to enter into a contract with Coresphere LLC, Bethesda, MD, for an aggregate price limitation of $10,000,000 among all awarded vendors, for Salesforce Professional Services.  Effective upon G&C approval through December 31, 2023, with the option to extend for 2 additional one-year extension terms.

#98      Authorize to enter into a contract with MTX Group Inc., Albany, NY, for an aggregate price limitation of $10,000,000 among all awarded vendors, for Salesforce Professional Services.  Effective upon G&C approval through December 31, 2023, with the option to extend for 2 additional one-year extension terms.

#99      Authorize to enter into a contract with Slalom LLC, Boston, MA, for an aggregate price limitation of $10,000,000 among all awarded vendors, for Salesforce Professional Services.  Effective upon G&C approval through December 31, 2023, with the option to extend for 2 additional one-year extension terms.

#100    Authorize to enter into a contract with 22nd Century Technologies Inc., McLean, VA, for an aggregate price limitation of $10,000,000 among all awarded vendors, for Salesforce Professional Services.  Effective upon G&C approval through December 31, 2023, with the option to extend for 2 additional one-year extension terms.

#101    Authorize to enter into a contract with Spruce Technology Inc., Clifton, NJ, for an aggregate price limitation of $10,000,000 among all awarded vendors, for Salesforce Professional Services.  Effective upon G&C approval through December 31, 2023, with the option to extend for 2 additional one-year extension terms.

#102    Authorize to enter into a contract with Catalyst Consulting Group Inc., Chicago, IL, for an aggregate price limitation of $10,000,000 among all awarded vendors, for Salesforce Professional Services.  Effective upon G&C approval through December 31, 2023, with the option to extend for 2 additional one-year extension terms.

#103    Authorize to enter into a contract with Sapient Corporation d/b/a Publicis Sapient of Boston, MA, for an aggregate price limitation of $10,000,000 among all awarded vendors, for Salesforce Professional Services.  Effective upon G&C approval through December 31, 2023, with the option to extend for 2 additional one-year extension terms.

*#104    Authorize to amend an existing contract with Computer Aid Inc., Allentown, PA (originally approved by G&C on 4-17-19, item #148), for IT Professional Vendor Managed Services, by increasing the price by $1,500,000 from $7,000,000 to $8,500,000 and by extending the completion date from December 31, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

*This increase “continues to support various project initiatives in response to the COVID pandemic…” What specifically are these approved projects? And, why the need for more money and additional time?

Here is just a snapshot of MTX Salesforce solutions:

We already know that 150 government agencies & systems are using Salesforce for corona-fascism and vaccine databases.

We can NOT allow Dictator Sununu to sell us out any longer.

*THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN UPDATED* After further investigation, we have been informed that the amount would be an aggregate of all approved contracts not exceeding $10,000,000 (originally, it was believed to be 10 individual contracts for $10,000,000 which would have equaled $100,000,000.)

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19 Oct

Committee to Examine the Policy of Medical Intervention

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