Call to Action: Fight to Stop Sexual Abuse of Children in the NH Public Schools. CAUTION: Graphic Images

NSFW – NOT SAFE FOR WORK or children. Yet, this is the kind of content that is now in Public School libraries thanks to Superintendents, staff, and School Board members that are either clueless, turning a blind eye, or totally all in on sexualizing our children.

Graphic images from Gender Queer, one of the top books infiltrating said libraries.

What we are seeing available to children in public schools has been shocking. Children now have access to pornographic and obscene material in their school library and the library App that they download on their iPads. This is not an effort to ban books, because this kind of obscene material can come through books, videos, magazines, or any other publication.

This is not about stopping sex education in schools. Parents already have the ability to examine the materials and opt out of materials if it’s not age appropriate. This is very different, this is about obscene pornography that should never be available to children through their local school.

Showing children this kind of obscene material is child abuse. At Stop it Now they say:

Showing pornographic pictures to a child is considered sexual abuse.

That is exactly what is going on in many of our public schools. Those who approve or support this are supporting a form of sexual abuse on children.

Purposely exposing a child to adult sexuality is considered a form of child sexual abuse, whether or not a child is touched.  Non-touching behaviors can be just as upsetting and emotionally harmful to a child as some touching behaviors. Non-touching behaviors that are considered to be child sexual abuse include:

  • Showing pornography to a child.
  • Exposing a person’s genitals to a child, or asking children to expose themselves.
  • Asking a child to interact sexually with someone else.
  • Online enticement of a minor for sexual purposes.
  • Photographing a child in sexual poses.
  • Exposing a child to sexual acts (including masturbation) either in person or through digital, computer or video images.
  • Watching a child undress or use the bathroom, often without the child’s knowledge (known as voyeurism or being a “Peeping Tom”).

Please note that although there may not be harmful intent, even having adult pornography or sexual toys in the home where a child could come across them has been viewed by authorities as sexual abuse in some circumstances. For complete information, see our definitions of child pornography.

Having viewed some of the content and pictures in some of the books offered to children in school, it is shocking that any adult would think some of this obscenity is ok to give to children. Surprisingly, I’m hearing that some of the administrators/ Superintendents are actually defending this!

School Board members are starting to hear from New Hampshire parents on this important issue. However, it is extremely disheartening to hear some people speak in favor of making this obscene material available to children. They’ve argued that they should not be banning books. They are not trying to ban books, they are trying to ban obscene and pornographic content available to children. Why? Because it’s considered sexual abuse of a child to make this available to children.

What can you do to stop the grooming and sexualization of children in your school?

We have obscenity laws that cover this kind of sexual abuse of a child. However, there has to be a determination that the material is in fact obscene. That means law enforcement officials like your County Attorney, must first categorize the content as obscene.

So the first thing you should do is call the county attorney and tell them you want a 650:6. This would mean that they would look at the material to determine if it is actually obscene.

If you have not looked at the books in your school, or the ones that are on the Sora App. you will want to begin by filing a Right to Know Request/91-a in order to scan the books to see what is offered to the children in your school. The district can provide you with an electronic card catalog from the school library, and also provide you a way to see what books are available on the Sora library app.

Some books may not meet the threshold of obscene; however, we are finding some that include pornographic pictures and text. The title of those books and screenshots of the obscene content should be taken to your country attorney to examine.

This is not a case against the LGBTQ+ community as some have suggested. Obscenity can come in various forms–gay or straight. Some of the books include child pornography with pictures and graphic depictions of adult and child sex.

A) Call to Action in YOUR district: 

1) Gather evidence : Names of books, copies of the obscene pictures, and text.  (File 91-a if needed)

2) Present this information to your county attorney & FILE A REPORT AT YOUR LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT


3) Call the Attorney General’s office and the Governor’s office and tell them that this kind of sexual abuse in our schools needs to stop. JOHN COUGHLIN County Attorney Phone: (603) 627­-5605 #4328 AND Office of the Governor (603) 271-2121

4) Report all of this to Commissioner Frank Edelblut so he has a record of this content and that you’ve filed a complaint.

5) Start calling for the resignations of those who are openly supporting this obscene material in your school. They are a danger to children.


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