©KoocHPiX presents HACKING DEMOCRACY NEW HAMPSHIRE. Produced by ©KoocHPiX. HACKING DEMOCRACY NEW HAMPSHIRE is a short film about New Hampshire’s election vulnerabilities in using programmable voting machines as well as significantly concerning anomalies being revealed daily by patriot groups like New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group and others.

This film also exposes Windham, NH auditors Harri Hursti and Philip Stark (NH’s hired forensic auditors against the will of the people) and how at Hursti’s direction, our memory cards were reset to pre-election prior to conducting the Windham, NH audit; an action that would remove any trace of an existing hack on the cards. Both auditors have also been manipulating the results of the audit to cover their actions of removing the hack which is revealed with comparisons between the November 3, 2020 original scan numbers, each of the 4 audit machine results, and the result totals from the hand counts.

It is the hope of We the People of the State of New Hampshire, that revealing these concerns to the general public, that we begin to see some legal action from our elected officials, or against them for their questionable inaction, and at times, undeniable obstruction for truth and transparency. We pray that people awaken from the grip of the deep state propaganda, see everything for what it is, ask the tough questions and demand truthful answers. Everyone needs to get involved; our democratic republic is at stake.

It is without question, that the corrupt politicians in New Hampshire and around the country, are unrelentlessly denying and suppressing voter fraud revelations because they are somehow implicated in the greatest treasonous crime of the century against We the People.
United we stand, divided we fall.


Videography: KoocHPiX
Custom Graphics: KoocHPiX
Layout: KoocHPiX
Storyline: KoocHPiX
Music: KoocHPiX, Taylor Davis
Asst. Storyline: Marylyn Todd
Data provider/s: Marylyn Todd, Brenda Towne, NHVIG
Software used: Wondershare Filmore 11
Images: Google stock Images, Yandex Stock Images

Granite Grok (news article)
“Hand Recount in Windham (Rock Dist.7) Reveals “Machine” Shorted Every (House) Republican by About 300 Votes”

Gateway Pundit (news article)
“HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Windham, NH Audit Results Show Ample Evidence that Voting Machines Favored Democrats, Are Not Reliable and Cannot be Trusted.”

United States Code: https://uscode.house.gov

Windham, NH Camera footage
Windham Forensic Audit, May 21, 2021

Harri Hursti – Official Sworn Affidavit, Wisconsin

https://rumble.com/v114rzo-hacking-democracy-new-hampshire.html, NH Selectmen Meeting – actual footage, 2021
Questioning LHS CEO on voting machines

Windham, NH image of actual Windham, NH Machine tapes prior to audit.

Nick Moseder Recorded Zoom Meeting w/Hursti & Stark

Audit machine comparison slides- information provided by NHVIG

Hursti press release:

2020 General Election Census: Conducted by Dale Ames, NHVIG
2021 Desk / DTD Canvassing: Conducted by NHVIG
2021 New Hampshire Voting Trends Data: Conducted by Seth Keshel
2021 Machine Vote Counts by Town Census: Conducted by NHVIG

Senate Bill 43

Chris Sununu [DS] Connections map

Kill Chain, 2020 (movie): IMDB

Hacking Democracy

Voting Machine Compilation
Kanekoa The Great, Twitter @kanekoathegreat

Democrats on Machines Compilation
Kanekoa The Great, Twitter @kanekoathegreat

New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group

We The People NH

NH Patriot Hub

NH Committee of Safety

603 Alliance

The Government Integrity Project

Americans for Prosperity NH

Rise Up NH

Rebuild / Reopen NH

Health Freedom NH

Granite Grok

Marigold Coffee Club

LHS Associates

Dominion Voting Systems

The Patriot, (2000) clips), IMDB

2021 Fiscal Committee State Police Harassment/Intimidation

Oct 13 2020 Unlawful NH Arrests

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KoocHPiX takes no credit for the extensive research conducted on New Hampshire’s election integrity which was used to create this film; the information was largely provided by Marylyn Todd, Brenda Towne, and the entire team at New Hampshire Voter Integrity Gr