On Tuesday evening, the Sullivan and Carroll County Republican Committees officially voted in favor of a resolution demanding an independent investigation into Dictator Sununu for arresting nine peaceful citizens. The same resolution was passed by the Belknap County Republican Committee last Wednesday. It seems that momentum is working against Sununu, the Republican who recently announced that he is running for a fourth term to rule over New Hampshire.

Sununu has been hemorrhaging support among his fellow Republicans since the beginning of coronafascism. But when he directed state cops to arrest nine of his political opponents for no reason other than refusing to support him at the Executive Council meeting on October 13th, Sununu began putting the final nails in the coffin of his political career. Since the arrests, nearly every Republican and conservative in New Hampshire has condemned Sununu, and the Dictator has gone ahead and condemned nearly every Republican, including the Executive Councilors and members of his own cabinet. Some are even speculating that Sununu may leave the GOP entirely.

If a few more counties call for Sununu to be brought to justice for abuse of power (not to mention his vicious coronafascism), the career politician’s days may be numbered.

Sununu has not responded to the recent calls for an independent criminal investigation into his actions.

We will update this story as it develops.

UPDATE 11/17: The Merrimack County GOP has called for an independent criminal investigation of Dictator Sununu, making them the fourth county GOP to do so. New Hampshire has a total of 10 counties.