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Welcome to “We the people, NH” my name is Terese Grinnell and I happen to be a registered nurse and licensed foster mom. In August 2021, I decided to take a stand for medical freedom. I had never held a sign or been a part of a Liberty group. Since then many have decided to stand with me. Doctors, engineers, accountants, mechanics, school board moms, grandmothers to seasoned protestors, elected officials and constitutional lawyers and everything in between.

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Hacking Democracy New Hampshire

©KoocHPiX presents HACKING DEMOCRACY NEW HAMPSHIRE. Produced by ©KoocHPiX. HACKING DEMOCRACY NEW HAMPSHIRE is a short film about New Hampshire’s election vulnerabilities in using programmable voting machines as well as significantly concerning ...

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Kristin Nelson – Pfizer 12th November 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction


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I’m a 37 year old physician assistant, and mom of three young children.

On November 12th I went to the employee health at the hospital to receive my first dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine, after the hospital mandated the vaccine for all employees. Within 5 minutes of receiving the vaccine, I fell unresponsive.


Please contact We The People NH for those who have had adverse reactions or are facing life changing events because of policy. Please contact us to set up a potential video interview on rumble that we can link to the site.
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NH 9 Wrongful Arrests

Help Is Needed For The 9 NH Freedom Fighters!

On 10/13/21, at the New Hampshire Executive Council meeting, the following individuals listed below were arrested for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. There is no longer the right to attend a public meeting in the state of New Hampshire unless you sit down and shut up. Even saying the Pledge of Allegiance loudly is now a problem for Governor Christopher T. Sununu. This lawless and blatant disregard for the constitutional rights of the people falls directly on Dictator Sununu.